This information is for the 2019 season. It is not the latest information. 

 ANNOUNCEMENT July 8, 2019 
Yoshida trail of Mt. Fuji will be open to the top from P.M. 3:00 on July 9th.

Thank you very much for waiting until the construction work finishes.
Please enjoy the World Heritage Mt. Fuji on Yoshida trail.

About Yoshida trail opening date (Written in Japanese).
The telephone reception on the link destination is only in Japanese language.

 ANNOUNCEMENT June 25, 2019 (Updated July 1st, 2019)
The officials announced that they will plan to open Yoshida trail of Mt. Fuji up to the top on July 10th,
if the construction work is on schedule. (The date is subject to change on weather conditions or any other factors.)

The trail is open up to the 8.5 station (3450m a.s.l.). Above 8.5 station, the trail is closed.
During the period of restoration work, please refrain from climbing above 8.5 station as the road is officially closed
for the work and the invasion to the construction area may cause dangers of falling rocks and the delay of the work.

Temporary Trail Advisory: Yoshida and Subashiri Trails

 ANNOUNCEMENT March 12, 2019 (Updated June 18, 2019)
This year's opening of Yoshida trail might be later than July 1st,
because of the collapse of the trail just beneath the top.

The restoration work has begun with the goal of opening on July 10th.

Mountain huts will be open as usual from July 1st,
but if you would like to make an early-season reservation,
please note that you might not be able to reach the top.

Different cancellation policies might apply in some huts during the restoration work.
Please ask the hut you reserve.
(Next update will be around the end of June to early July)

 Updated Information June 18, 2019
The state of progress of the restoration work of the trail just beneath the top will be published on the Mt. Fuji climbing official website.
For details, please refer to the following link.

About Yoshida trail and Subashiri trail (Written in Japanese).
The telephone reception on the link destination is only in Japanese language.

 Updated Information May 30, 2019
The snow removal work has been in action earlier than usual year to supply the repairing materials to the summit.
Now the work reached around 3000m a.s.l.

According to the snow removal operator, the amount of snow from the 5th station to the 7th station is less than average level.
Mt. Fuji from Subashiri 5th station(May 28th 6:30a.m.) Snow removal work around 2700m a.s.l.

Mt.Fuji Yoshida Trail Accomodation Union